"I'm just walkin' my beat, friend.
Mexico's my beat, and I'm walkin' it.
I throw shapes and they catch them.
Set 'em up and watch them fall."

Welcome to my shrine/fansite/dedication to Agent Sheldon Jeffrey Sands, my favourite character from the film, "Once Upon A Time In Mexico". Agent Sands, the nuttiest, most corrupt CIA agent on the silver screen, played by the one-and-only Johnny Depp.

I first saw OUATIM when it was first released at the cinema and I just loved it! So much that I had to go back the next week and see it again. The young man at the ticket office was rather perplexed and he informed me that it was not a chick flick and it was rather violent. I told him that with Johnny Depp in it, it was a chick flick! When the dvd was released, I was outside the local dvd shop on the first day to buy it and later, my husband bought me the three-disc box set of the El Mariachi movies, but OUATIM is still my favourite. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen it; it's my "cheer up" movie and I watch it whenever I'm feeling low as it always makes me smile.

I hope you enjoy your visit, and come back again soon. Hasta luego !

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